Pigments Manufacturer

Our pigment dispersion form key part of our product range. It provides a similar handle like reactive printing at advantage of pigment printing. The products we are dealers for, confirm the OKEO TEX standard-100 and GOTS version 4.0

System For Pigment Printing

1) Water Based Soft Printing

Our Pigment Dispersion specializes in the following :

  • Excellent dispersion stability
  • Optimum particle size
  • Desired particle size distribution
  • Compliance with international regulatory standards and labels
  • High fastness to light, rubbing, washing and dry cleaning
  • High thermal stability
  • User friendly service with a smile
  • Cost effective
  • High fasteness to bleach and machine washing

2) Pigment Dyeing System

(a) Pigment Application by padding method, using our Speciality Dispersions.

(b) Pigment Application by exhaust dyeing

3) Denim Coating System

The changing fashion trend in denim industry we provide products that mirror current and future fashion trends. Denim coating is the current fashion trend with an increasing number of buyers and brands preferring their denims to be coated with a variety of coat and finishes.

We offer dispersions for denim by a particular application method which offers innovative shades, fashionable faded effects, good all round fastness with ease of application and economy.

Thus, providing the customer desired feel and look, after varity of washes.

4) Discharge Pigment Printing System

Our discharge pigment printing system overcomes the limitations of direct printing system and while meeting the flexibility ofpigment printing process it is a best combination of pigments and discharge printing system.


  • No Halo effect like VAT discharge printing
  • All shades possible like violet
  • More sharp and level printing.
  • Small motifs and yarn dyed effect possible to print.
  • Faster sampling less time and more production per day.
  • No tinting on white grounds after washing.
  • Better print effects and quality than reactive printing.
  • Less wastage more money.
  • Better lightfastness and dry cleaning fastness then reactive and white discharge printing.

We always strive to provide best services to our clients worldwide.

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