react dyes

Printing Series Dyes

The Printing series dyes are designed especially for cotton/ viscose printing having a very high level of fastness and brightness.Being a low substantive dyestuff it gives no or very low staining on white ground.

Salient Properties of Printing Dyes

  • Comprehensive range of dyes
  • Brilliant shades
  • High solubility, easy to dissolve
  • Excellent paste stability
  • Consistency in Application
  • Easy Wash off
  • Meet standard fastness requirement

The Dyeing Series Dyes

Introducing a special range of K-dyes, dyeable at a Neutral pH.

With this range it's possible to dye polyester/cotton blends using a one-bath dyeing method in combination with disperse dyes which are able to tolerate a neutral bath containing Glauber's salt.

Thus, opening a new area where ordinary reactive dyes are not suitable.

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